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Science & Education

Being India's leading oral health advocate, Indian Dental Association (IDA) supports advancements in science and education. It also focuses on international standards and dental research that can help in improving the oral health of Indians.

The association assimilates recent scientific information to develop and disseminate polices, guidelines to advocate, advise and extend support to dental professionals. Dentists today cannot imagine working without the innovative products currently available. Education and know-how about technical advancement in various segments of dentistry is essential for rendering quality treatments and oral healthcare services, which will further lead to achieving greater patient satisfaction.

Educational Programme

IDA focuses on dental scientific and technological skills improvement of dental professionals by the means of various continuing educational programmes in diverse formats with uniqueness.

Fellowship Programmes

Founded with the goal of providing dental professionals a different learning experience, Fellowship Programmes offer a roadmap for those who want to consider entering an academic career. IDA currently offers fellowship programmes in six categories that range from 6 months to 1 year time span.IDA currently provides following Fellowship Programmes:

International University Courses

The proposed new program blends the clinical expertise of the professional environment within India and the program structure of the US Dental Schools. It is a unique blend of didactic education transitioning into clinical experience. The aim is to recalibrate the clinician to do better endodontics by revisiting the basic concepts and leading the clinician to practice cutting edge endodontics based on proven principles and current technology

R Ahmed Programme

IDA Educational Programmes also known as R. Ahmed Programme includes various Continuing Dental Education (CDE) programmes that are designed to offer ongoing education essential to deliver quality dental and oral health care services.

Online Education

Online educational programmes – at learners’ convenience - are unique from each other and provide cutting-edge education that has immediate impact on enhancing the abilities of dental professionals to effectively treat their patients.

Knowledge Centre

A platform - to deliver webinars / webcast facilitating interactions with the faculties - is one of the best modes of delivering education, to which IDA has equipped itself with, to serve knowledge eagerness of dental professionals.

Learning Capsule

Learning Capsule comprises of dedicated and specialised educators committed to provide practical training on models and new technologies during conference where companies get new opportunities for exploring new materials and dentistry-related technologies.

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