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The accomplishments listed below are testimony to the perseverance and dedication of our incredible professional staff, members and volunteers. Listing accomplishments is important to change the perception about IDA. As we go forward, we need to tell our accomplishments so that IDA’s value will be better appreciated and enhanced. So, here is a list of some of the many accomplishments, past and present.

Health Initiatives

IDA has made significant improvements to public's oral health with the following initiatives:

  • Tobacco Intervention Initiative (TII)
  • Child Dental Foundation (CDC)
  • Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF)
  • Emergency Dental Centre (EDC)
  • National Oral Cancer Registry (NOCR)
  • Healing Smiles Foundation (HSF)
  • IDA Community Centre.

National Oral Health Programme (NOHP)

The association strives to remove the glaring oral health disparities from the various segments of the population and the constraints in accessing oral care by the people. Unique identification cards were devised to assess needs, monitor outcomes and improving access, as under:

  • Child Oral Health Card
  • Family Oral Health Card
  • National Oral Health Card
  • Platinum Oral Health Card
  • Special Privileges Oral Health Card
  • Muskaan Oral Health Card.

IDA Certified Centres

The association has been successful in adding value to dental clinic by specialised training to deliver effective and prompt oral care service. Thus there are:

  • Tobacco Intervention Initiative (TII) Centres
  • Child Dental Centres (CDC)
  • Spot and Prevent Oral cancer Trauma (SPOT) Centres
  • Emergency Dental Centres (EDC)
  • National Oral Cancer Registry (NOCR) Centres
  • Healing Smiles Centres.

Another step that IDA has taken to assure the public about excellent service and high quality of dental care is by certifying clinics as IDA Approved Clinic which has been done in collaboration with National Board for Accreditation of Hospitals & Healthcare Providers (NABH).

Accreditation Programmes

IDA has been successful in promoting professional advancement of member dentist and kept them abreast of global changes. This has been brought forth by the following:-

  • Accredited Continuing Dental Education Programme (ACDEP)
  • Dental Practice Accreditation to improve delivered oral care
  • Educational Collaboration with University of California, San Francisco.

Indian Dental Research Foundation

IDA has successfully supported research in dentistry for the purpose of improving the oral health of the public. For this IDA has done the following:

  • Developed necessary research infrastructure
  • Conduct oral cancer research
  • Promote compilation and assimilation of research information
  • Established Research Partnerships with private agencies.

IDA Survey Centre

The association has been successful in setting up a Survey Centre to collect information about oral health status, access and attitudes of public. The survey results will be used to guide programme planning to address identified needs.

Commitment towards members

IDA has been successful in its commitment for members at every stage of their career, from dental school, through to retirement.

  • IDA provides a plethora of valuable resources to meet the educational, networking, clinical, professional and practice management issues, as well as leadership development programmes just for members.
  • The association has set up Member Health Centre to safeguard them from occupational hazards.
  • IDA has set up Students’ Forum for networking, sharing knowledge, interacting with teachers, other students for overall development.
  • All India Postgraduate Dental Students’ Convention was planned as a part of Continuing Dental Education.


The association is successfully printing a range of publications catering to different sections of the dental fraternity like:

  • The IDA Times -- meant for dental professionals
  • Oral Health --- increases oral health awareness
  • Clinical Dentistry -- promotes clinical excellence
  • Product Profile -- provides technological updates on products and materials
  • Student Digest -- caters to the dental students
  • IDA Smiles -- highlights oral systemic disease
  • JADA -- Indian Edition of Journal of American Dental Association (JADA).


An exhaustive website conceived, redesigned, expanded and developed to cover a remarkable range of oral health topics. The association website incorporates a number of stand-alone websites. These include the following:

  • Indian Dental Association
  • Oral Cancer Foundation
  • Tobacco Intervention Initiative
  • Healing Smiles Foundation
  • World Dental Show
  • Delhi Dental Show
  • Child Dental Centre
  • Emergency Dental Centre
  • Indian Dental Research Foundation
  • National Oral Health Programme
  • IDA Employment Bureau
  • Continuing Dental Educational Programme
  • Webinars
  • Online CDE
  • Indian Dental Conference

IDA Foundation

The association has set-up a charitable Foundation committed to improving the oral health and support outreach to all communities in need. It is a catalyst for uniting people and organizations for philanthropic work for better oral health.

Employment Bureau

Another success milestone is the Online Employment Bureau facilitating easy access to job opportunities for dentists, including careers in IDA.

IDA Events

IDA organizes activities for professionals, students and public to provide opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange and learning latest professional techniques. Our online event planner helps a professional in advance to know about our events. Some of IDA’s events are listed below:

  • World Dental Shows
  • International Symposium on Oral Cancer, Tobacco Cessation and Dental Caries
  • All-India Wellness Initiative
  • Workshop on Oral Healthcare - Strategic Planning
  • Workshop on Dental Personnel Resource Development jointly with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

IDA Resource Centre

The association has established the Resource Centre to help members avail resources for their clinical needs. These can be:

  • Dental manufacturers, dental suppliers, dental and oral health products
  • Dental publications
  • Patient education leaflets
  • IDA Catalogue
  • Drug index
  • Pharmaceutical companies.

Future Directions - 2011-14

Mission statement

The mission of Indian Dental Association (IDA) is to lead individuals and institutions of the dental education community to address contemporary issues influencing education, research, and the delivery of oral health care for the improvement of the health of the public.

Strategic directions and key priorities

Strategic Direction 1: Leadership

Provide leadership for the future of dental education and serve as the authority on the education of the dental, allied dental and advanced dental workforce.

Key Priorities
  • Strengthen the connection between academic dental institutions to elevate the profile and integration of dental education, encourage interprofessional education and highlight the critical role of oral health in improving the overall health of the public.
  • Identify, evaluate and share models for the cost effective delivery of dental education to ensure the sustainability of academic dental institutions.
  • Provide guidance, data and analysis on the education of oral health professionals to institutions, organizations and policymakers that are designing workforce models to ensure that new members of the dental team possess the values, attitudes, knowledge and skills needed to provide quality oral health care to all.
  • Provide leadership development programmes and opportunities targeted at emerging leaders among the students, residents and fellows, to prepare this cadre of academic leaders for their new roles.
  • IDA also provides opportunities like

    1. World Dental Show 2013
    2. World Congress on Oral Cancer (FDI, WHO)
    3. Organizing International Events

These are considered to be the most important opportunities to discover the latest thinking and gain practical, hands-on experience whilst at the same time researching, comparing and purchasing new, innovative products and services.

Strategic Direction 2: Teaching and Learning

Provide dental, allied dental, and advanced dental educators with the information, knowledge, and tools they need to prepare students, residents, and fellows for an undiscovered future.

Key Priorities
  • Provide professional development resources targeted to the needs of new dental educators to enhance the pedagogical skills and competencies.
  • Encourage and support academic dental institutions in integrating models of interprofessional education as a foundation for preparing students, residents and fellows to provide patient-centered care.
  • Provide access to high quality curricular tools, templates and guidance to support effective teaching and learning in the classroom, the clinic or wherever learning occurs.
  • Promote the scholarship of teaching and learning as an integral part of institutional culture.
Strategic Direction 3: Research

Promote the importance of research as the foundation of dental education, and of the science and practice of dentistry.

Key Priorities
  • Encourage the integration of research into the mission of all academic dental institutions and provide opportunities for the discussion of research policy issues across the dental education community.
  • Promote opportunities for research collaborations that bring the differing strengths of each academic dental institution to the process of scientific discovery.
  • Advocate for increased funding for dental and craniofacial research and research training and enhance the competitiveness of academic dental institutions.
  • Produce relevant and timely research on key issues in dental education to support informed decision making by the dental education community and policy makers.
Strategic Direction 4: Service

Guide the preparation of the dental, allied dental, and advanced dental workforce needed to meet the evolving oral health needs of a diverse society.

  • Support the recruitment, inclusion and success of individuals from minorities and low-income backgrounds in entering the dental, allied dental, advanced dental, and academic dental careers to develop the diverse workforce needed for the future of dentistry.
  • Identify, develop, and promote educational pathways that prepare the students for academic, research, practice, industry, and public service careers.
  • Identify, develop, and promote mechanisms to address the access to care challenge to improve the health of the citizens.
  • Provide access to IDA’s CDEs and webinars to the dental community in order to strengthen the quality of dental education.
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