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Advertising & Sponsorship

Easy way to Make your Business Stand Out

One thing’s certain; you can't expect to stand out from the crowd using the same marketing strategy everyone else does. Indian Dental Association invites you to start using the strategies that help you stand out from the competition and reach the largest dental professional group.

IDA presents an unparalleled opportunity for your company to showcase products and services. We help you build a positive corporate image and increase your exposure. Your company’s name, image and leadership position will be seen throughout the entire dental community. We have established many levels of sponsorship allowing your company the opportunity to select the level which best suits your business objectives.

Year-round Marketing Exposure

IDA represents and supports manufacturers and suppliers of dental products, services and technologies. IDA’s sponsorship is flexible, creative and cost effective. There are a variety of print and electronic advertising opportunities at events, health initiatives, scholarships and in IDA’s catalogue for sponsors to promote  brand awareness  by the following : -

  • Create positive PR;
  • Position brand through associative imagery;
  • Support a sales promotion or marketing campaign;
  • Act as corporate hospitality that promotes good relations;
  • Grow brand equity;
  • Grow market share;
  • Generate consumer preference and foster brand loyalty – increase brand name retention and reduce brand decay;
  • Generate goodwill – positively associates the brand in the mind of the consumer;

The Indian Dental Association (IDA) offers the advertisers and sponsors, a multitude of ways to promote you, your products and services to members. The association organizes activities for professionals, students and public which provide opportunities for networking, knowledge exchange and learning latest professional techniques. Businesses can reach IDA's over 50,000 members and 15,000 dental student members every month by placing ads or sponsoring IDA events, health initiatives, publications, web site, scholarship or in IDA catalogue.

ADVERTISING AND SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES will maximize your visibility and recognition. Make your presence felt in the following.

National Conferences and Exhibition:
  • World Dental Show (WDS)
  • Indian Dental Conference ( IDC)
  • Delhi Dental Show (DDS)
  • PG Convention
  • Student Conference
Health Initiatives
  • Tobacco Intervention Initiative (TII)
  • Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF)
  • Child Dental Foundation (CDC)
  • IDA Health Centre
  • Emergency Dental Centre (EDC)
  • National Oral Cancer Registry (NOCR)
  • The IDA Times
  • Oral Health
  • Clinical Dentistry
  • Product Profile
  • Student Digest
  • JIDA
  • Dental Events
IDA Catalogue
Digital Marketing – Websites
  • Indian Dental Association
  • World Dental Show
  • National Oral Health Programme
  • Continuing Dental Education Programme
  • IDA Publications
  • IDA Catalogue
  • IDA Employment Bureau
  • Emergency Dental Centre
  • Child Dental Centre
  • Oral Cancer Foundation
  • SPOT Centres and Tobacco Control Á Cessation
Event Sponsorship

Do you want to reach key decision makers in dentistry?

Sponsorship of an event is among the most effective methods of reaching your desired audience. As an event sponsor, you can benefit from the marketing power of the IDA brand. We can work in partnership with you to tailor specific sponsorship and exhibition packages to complement your overall marketing strategy. By being associated with the right event, targeted at the right audience we can help you meet your objectives. Advertising and sponsorship opportunities vary depending on event.

IDA event sponsorships have been created to offer your company increased exposure to right audiences. All sponsors will receive the recognition benefits in addition to those unique to each opportunity:

You get exposure to: -
  • Over 10,000 professionals annually – 63% of whom are dentists;
  • Meet face to face with dental professionals with purchasing power;
  • Sell to a new market – dentists have high disposable incomes, so even if your business is not directly related to dentistry, if you offer premium products, investment opportunities or ways to help maintain a good work-life balance then this is an ideal opportunity.
  • Over 5,000 dental professionals attend just for the exhibition
  • This event grows year on year in terms of delegate numbers and the popularity of the exhibition.
Who attends the conference and exhibition?

Attendees are made up of members of the dental profession from across the India and some from overseas.

Overall Exhibition Only
  • 1% PRESS 33% DCP
  • 18% DCP 43% DENTITSTS
Why choose the IDA’s Annual Conference?

IDA Annual Conference is the most effective way to achieve a face to face interaction with a large number of dentists and dental care professionals.Our exhibitors tell us they exhibit with IDA to:

  1. Generate leads
  2. Launch a new product
  3. Generate sales
  4. Maintain a high profile
  5. Branding
  6. Public relations
World Dental Show (WDS) - Mumbai

World Dental Show (WDS)is Asia's largest annual dental exhibition designed specifically as a dental business event. WDS provides an opportunity for exhibitors to exhibit their products and introduce the latest technology in the Indian market.World Dental Showattracts over 20,000 dental professionals, 292 dental institutions, 9 specialty dental associations, over 200 manufacturers and 3000 plus dental laboratories. This means you have access to potential customers and an increased likelihood to generate sales leads and future business!

World Dental Show is organized by IDA who has a strong commitment to the industry. WDS is an excellent platform for one-on-one meetings with manufacturers, distributors and access to the latest products, instruments and materials. Plus to attend scientific deliberations of eminent national and international speakers and enlighten themselves on the emerging trends, concepts, techniques and technologies in dentistry and sharing of experience.

  • 20,000+ visitors and 300+ exhibitors
  • Experienced exhibition planning team
  • More cost effective price per sqm than other competing dental exhibitions
  • You have flexibility in stand design
  • Award winning marketing campaign
Student Conference

IDA organises national and state level conference for students, a participation platform for discussion and presentation of clinical skill, knowledge and experience sharing.

Student delegates attend the scientific deliberations of academicians and eminent speakers. Besides this they attend and participate in various cultural events. Along with conference the trade exhibition gives exposure to the latest products available.

PG Convention

PG Conventions are an opportunity to PG students to meet face-to- face and interact with the interdisciplinary experts. These conventions offer a varied and contemporary selection of continuing education programmes. Hands-on courses cover topics relating to clinical excellence, practice excellence and personal development — IDA offers PG students to emerge as dental leaders.

All IDA Events have both sponsorship and exhibition opportunities for partners to reach a new audience both at the event and prior to the event through the event promotion.

Health Initiatives

The IDA Health Initiatives are aimed at optimal oral health for all Indians. These reflect IDA's vision of a healthier and productive nation. As dentist and the nation's leading advocate for oral health IDA believes that we can and will reach the day - when no Indian in the country who needs and seeks care that leads to good oral health will be denied. IDA's health initiatives are a step in this direction.

We feel that the time is right to push and push really hard to break down the barriers to good oral health because only 2 % of Indians visit the dentist, 50% of the country do not use a tooth brush as a result 95% of the population suffers from gum disease.The worst is that 70% of children under 15 years have dental caries & 40% children suffer from malocclusion.

India has the highest incidence of oral cancer in the world because 57% men and 10.9% women in the age group of 15 – 49 years consume tobacco. IDA health initiatives affirm that -oral health is very vital to general health and well-being. We are ever mindful that optimal oral health is IDA's ultimate goal which translates into Tobacco Intervention Initiative, Oral Cancer Foundation and Child Dental Centre to improve people's lives.

Today it is a norm for dentists to play a pivotal role in promoting smoking cessation and offering advice and information on the oral health effects of tobacco use. Some private dental clinics even offer smokers oral cancer screening.

Tobacco Control & Cessation

The Tobacco Control & Cessation (TCC) is a professionally-led ‘call to action’, aimed to eradicate tobacco addiction and strive for a ‘tobacco free India' by 2020. Tobacco smoking and consumption of smokeless or chewing tobacco affects the lives of billions of people, as nicotine is more addictive than heroin, morphine and cocaine.

TCC aims to establish a broad alliance of key influencers and policy makers from research, education, clinical practice, public health, government and industry, partnering in a common goal to effect fundamental change in healthsystems and individual behaviour to achieve the 2020 goal.

TCC Centres

TCC centres are a certified supportive structure and network of connected clinics for tobacco cessation. These are vital pipelines that carry out the mission of counseling and offer nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) for de- addiction. These clinics are run by dental professionals who are certified as TCC specialists.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

TCC is a program that has been one of the most important and successful health initiative of IDA among the dental professionals and public in India. Since 2009, IDA has taken numerous efforts on promoting and marketing the initiative, making it popular in the IDA dentist base. As a result of these efforts, we now have more 1150 TII centers in India, and more than 50,000 practicing dentist touched with every training program. Our vision is to have more than 3000 TCC centers by 2017.

To provide our best services to our partners, IDA has a dedicated professional staff managing the whole activity. The team is constantly working on brining the best education for participants and best marketing platforms for sponsors. We also offer state-of-art training programs to our participants and sponsors, ensuring the brand value of our sponsor is built or maintained. Our constant efforts are to give the best value to our partners within the offered sponsorship.

Below are some branding opportunities under this partnership.
  • Branding at the training workshops
  • 15 -20 minutes speaker slot
  • Branding in promotional communication
  • Strong PR / Editorial coverage in IDA Publications

We will be glad to listen to your branding requirements and further customized the branding opportunities. For enquires please contact Shabana Shaikh on 8879112429 or email us on shabana@ida.org.in

Oral Cancer Foundation

Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF) is a professionally-led “call to action”, aimed to eradicate oral cancer and strive for a ‘cancer free-India’by 2020. The detrimental effects of smoking and consumption of smokeless or chewing tobacco as carcinogenic agents are recognised world over.

It affects the lives of billions of people, posing an enormous public health challenge in its complexity, scale and impact, both at an individual and nation-wide level. Oral cancer is the most common cancer in India, as 4 in 10 in all cancer are oral cancers. Annually 130,000 people succumb to oral cancer, which translates into approximately 14 deaths per hour.

The OCF aims to establish a broad alliance of key influencers and policy makers from research, education, clinical practice, public health, government and industry, partnering in a common goal to effect fundamental change in healthsystems and individual behavior to achieve the 2020 goal.

S.P.O.T Centres

Dental professionals are in a unique position to provide not just advice, support or referral to specialist services for smoking patients -- - but timely oral cancer screening. The oral manifestations of tobacco use are obvious to the dentist, who can then by regular screening bring down mortality of individuals and prevent suffering from oral cancer.

Join our network of SPOT Centres which are vital pipelinesestablished under OCF to facilitate the early detection of pre-cancerous lesions. These centres are interlinked with each other to share data and develop programmesat the national level. Through survey and research activities, SPOT centres aim to achieve the vision and mission of making India free from oral cancer.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
S.P.O.T Center is a also a successful health initiative and step of IDA to eradicate oral cancer through the help of dental professionals in India. IDA has been sucessfully promoting and marketing the initative through its hand- on workshops and lectures for its members.

The two day CDE workshops reaches is an ideal platform for pharma companies, medical equipment manufactures, oral cancer drug companies to collaborate and give direct access to participants having a close encounter with their products.

Below are some branding opportunities under this partnership.
  • Branding at the training workshops
  • 15 -20 minutes speaker slot
  • Branding in promotional communication
  • Strong PR / Editorial coverage in IDA Publications

We will be glad to listen to your branding requirements and further customized the branding opportunities. For enquires please contact Shabana Shaikh on 8879112429 or email us on shabana@ida.org.in

Child Dental Foundation

Child Dental Foundation (CDF) is a professionally-led “call to action” which aims to eradicate tooth decay and strives for a ‘caries free- India’by 2020. India is the youngest country in the world, with a child population of 440 million and another 26 million being added every year. Studies indicate that 80 % children under 15 years have dental diseases and 40% suffer from malocclusion.

Since `prevention is better than cure’, we at CDF believe that it is necessary to inculcate good oral habits right from childhood. Therefore a knowledge imparted at the right age on a regular basis in a credible manner can go a long way in encouraging children to maintain good oral hygiene for a life time.

CDF aims to establish a broad alliance of key influencers and policy makers from research, education, clinical practice, public health, government and industry, partnering in a common goal to effect fundamental change in healthsystems and individual behaviour to achieve the 2020 goal.

Child Dental Centres

Child Dental Centres are a dedicated network dental clinics which provide children with the most up-to-date science and evidence- based care. These are vital pipelines that carry out CDF’s mission to control, prevent and eradicate tooth decay by early caries detection.

These clinics are run by dental professionals trained to detect decay, impart advice on preventing injuries, information about importance of oral health and give counselling to high risk children. We aim to achieve our goal of optimal oral health for all children in the country with a special emphasis on making them caries free.

Children are born free of dental disease, yet by adulthood, 95% of the population have experienced gum disease, tooth decay and even tooth loss. We believe that dental diseases can be prevented with adapting healthy oral habits.

Sponsorship Opportunities:
Below are some branding opportunities under this partnership.
  • Branding at the training workshops
  • 15 -20 minutes speaker slot
  • Branding in promotional communication
  • Strong PR / Editorial coverage in IDA Publications

We will be glad to listen to your branding requirements and further customized the branding opportunities. For enquires please contact Shabana Shaikh on 8879112429 or email us on shabana@ida.org.in

IDA Health Centre

IDA's Health Centre provides free medical check-up to all our member dentists for timely assessment of basic health parameters. Dentists are prone to acquire certain diseases due to occupational risk and face cross infection threat as they work in close contact with patient's saliva and blood. The association recognizes the single most valuable asset in any dental practice is the dentist and their dental team and making them aware of their health and well- being is vital.

We at IDA believe that prevention is better than cure, therefore timely detection is a must for corrective measures. IDA conducts dental health check ups for our members during the annual conference and World Dental Show. We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to explore critical well-being issues and feel emotionally rejuvenated.

Emergency Dental Centre

Emergency Dental Centre provides prompt emergency care to people who need advice, diagnosis and/or treatment quickly and unexpectedly. Join IDA's network, this is a symbol of commitment to the highest standards of dental care. Transform your clinic to an Emergency Dental Centre for value-added services to your patients.

IDA’s vision for urgent and emergency care is of universal access to high quality urgent and emergency care services 24x7, so that whatever your need, whatever your location you get the best possible care.

IDA is committed to developing a coherent 24x7 urgent care service all over India.

National Oral Cancer Registry

National Oral Cancer Registry is an exclusive online registry, targeted for dental clinic, health professionals, institutions and cancer hospitals to systematically collect data about oral cancer, tumor and pre-cancerous lesions. This will generate reliable, high-quality data on the magnitude and patterns of oral cancer and pre- cancerous lesions.

These efforts will help design, plan, monitor and evaluate oral- cancer- control activities, and it helps in policy formulation and programme decisions which will influence the health of the public. Be our strength as a member your inputs and counsel is needed to help educate the public about the importance of oral health and to foster positive attitudes towards dentistry.

IDA Publications
Advertising Opportunities with IDA Publications

Businesses can reach IDA' s over , 75,000 Plus members every month by just placing ads in the IDA publications

IDA publication delivers independent, authoritative and trustworthy content on dentistry, and reflects the advancement in dental science, research and technology, news on dentistry and information about new dental products.  IDA publications print version have a total circulation of 60000 dentists and holds the strongest readership in the country.  Every publication having its own unique characteristic serves the dental community with quality content and information.

  1. IDA Times : TheVoice of Dental Professionals

    The IDA Times is an authentic and independent official voice of the dental profession in India. It has a unique role in updating dental professionalsby providingthe latest developments in the dental field.

  2. Clinical Dentistry : Enhances clinical excellence in dentistry

    Clinical Dentistry is a scientific, peer reviewed publication aimed at providing significant clinical information and reviews. It covers key elements of clinical practice and provides a platform for dental professionals to sharetheir skills and experiences.

    It highlights symptoms of various dental ailments, diagnosis, treatment planning and the latest technology on treatment procedures in different specialties of dentistry.

  3. JIDA : Promotes Dental Research in Dentistry

    The Journal of the Indian Dental Association (JIDA) is a peer- reviewed scientific journal exclusively designed to promote dental, oral and medical research. One of the leading journals in the dental profession, it covers a wide range of information on clinical and non clinical research.

    It provides a platform to publish original research findings and review articles in different fields of dentistry.

  4. Oral Health : Creates Oral Healthcare Awareness

    Oral Health is a truly cutting-edge publication and enlightens the public on the importance of oral health as oral healthitis an integral part of general health.The publicationfeatures the basics of oral healthcare and dentistry, dental diseases,treatment modalities and technological advancements.Itmakes the people understand the importance of prevention of dental diseases and diet to maintain oral health.

  5. Product Profile : Latest in Dental Technology

    The nation's leading business manual for the dental professionals, exclusively providing technical updates on products and materials of importance. It focuses on comprehensive information about dental equipmentsand products with technical highlights.

  6. Student Digest : Enlightening Future Dental Professionals

    Student Digest is a publication exclusively devoted to dental students andtheir needs. It prepares bright young minds to face the challenges ofthe future. It provides a platform for sharing of knowledge and information, on matters of academic and clinical importance, careers, dental research, healthcare systems, fostering communications and personality development.

  7. Dental Events : Learning and Networking opportunities

    Dental Events provides a calendar of events and conferences. It focuses on national and international events, enlists programmes and speakers and provides information on networking and social opportunities.

Circulation Details:




Ida Times



Product Profile


Technical Advancement in Dentistry

Clinical Dentistry


Patient / Public awareness

Oral Health


Journal Promoting Clinical excellence

Student Digest


A guide for Dental Students

Dental Events


Dedicated to events in dentistry



Clinical Research

Ida offers a very special platform for marketing and advertising of quality products, services and brands. Our publications are widely circulated and have a specialized target audience. There are different offers for every publication.

For inquires and advertisement bookings contact Mr. Fahim Ansari on 08879671711 / 022 43434545 or email at: advertisingwithida@ida.org.in

Digital Marketing

Attract volume of dental professionals to your company and products

Reaching more than 75,000 dental professionals of India and driving more sales to your business is easy.

IDA offers your two cost effective digital marketing solutions to meet your marketing needs.

Website advertising

IDA web sites are visited by thousands of dental professionals and students in India. Redirect visitors to your homepage or campaign page by placing WEB BANNERS or PRODUCT OR COMPANY editorial links in one of the sections of our website.

Mailing – SMS & Emailer

It’s your message and our database. Now make a direct contact to a more than 75,000 dental professionals in India. Target them with SMS and Email blast. It’s a perfect platform to promote your product campaigns and offers.

Current network strength of IDA: Target them pan India or region wise.

Andaman & Nicobar, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Delhi, Dhaka, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Orissa, Pondicherry, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tami Nadu, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Utara Khand, West Bengal.

We offer exciting combo and customized packages to meet your for advertisement requirements and budget.

For more information on the advertising packages please feel free to contact Mr. Fahim Ansari on 8879671711 / 022 43434545 or email on advertisingwithida@ida.org.in

IDA Catalogue

Indian Dental Association, as custodian of oral health in the country, has been in the forefront of promoting oral healthcare awareness in the country; over the years IDA has initiated well researched case studies on current oral health problems in edutainment format to educate patients on oral treatments procedures, using simple language and engaging visuals.

IDA catalogue includes:
  1. Patient Education leaflets and instruction cards
  2. Posters
  3. Patient Consent Forms
  4. Treatment Forms
  5. Personalized and educative products for patients
Co Branding & Sponsorship Opportunities:

Co-branding can be a perfect branding opportunities for oral care products to beat its competition through this innovative medium and increase its brand value in the minds of patients, waiting at the reception area. Advertiser can sponsor the variety of educational dental and oral care materials and disseminate in dentist members and create a brand loyalty.

For more information on co branding opportunities please contact Ms. Shabana Shaikh on 8879112429 or email us on catalogue@ida.org.in

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