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Careers in IDA

Ask yourself the following questions :

  • Do you enjoy interacting with and helping people?
  • Would you like a career that offers challenge and variety?
  • Are you interested in helping people maintain and improve their oral health?
  • Do you have good judgment?
  • Do you have keen memory and a strong interest in life?

If YES. Then career at IDA is for you. Our staff is committed to contributing their knowledge, experience and expertise to support the dental professional and the people it serves. We offer a broad range of exciting employment opportunities. To learn more about job opportunities at the IDA, read on.

IDA is a profession-lead organization, dedicated to improving national oral health. We aim to establish a broad alliance of key influencers and policy makers from research, education, clinical practice, public health, government and industry, partnering in a common goal to effect fundamental change in health systems and individual behaviour. This calls for team work, so if you are looking for challenges, growth and to impact the national growth join us.

Working with IDA implies expertise to support the dental professional and the people they serve. The practice of dentistry involves a strong artistic element. Much of dentistry is a detailed craft involving careful, precise handwork. The professionals working at IDA develop their intelligence and experience to determine what is best for the professionals the association serves.

By working at IDA you imbibe qualities of leadership. The staff is our greatest strength, we empower them to make tough decisions, implement new ideas and use their initiative. They form our vision, carry out IDA’s mission and represent value. You can make a difference in the national oral health.

We believe in identifying and fostering leadership talent as new programmes are in visualization stage which needs commitment, dedication and vision. In a nutshell this involves making lifetime learning and career development an essential part of our goals. Skilled, conscientious professionals, dentists earn the respect and appreciation of the association. The staff has opportunities to work as community leaders, educators and guides for dental professional and policy makers.

IDA fosters a workplace climate of mutual respect, trust and collegiality. We provide a professional, fast-paced, entrepreneurial work environment based on a mutual respect that keeps our interests aligned. Together, we build and develop successful, focused environment which is must in our commitment for dental excellence. IDA has launched sseveral programmes aimed at improving the oral health scenario in the country. These included Tobacco Intervention Initiative (TII), Child Dental Foundation (CDC), Oral Cancer Foundation (OCF), Emergency Dental Centre (EDC) and National Oral Cancer Registry. This commitment results in opportunities for developmental training and teamwork.

IDA follows a reward philosophy by providing market competitive salary and benefits with a strong linkage between performance and pay, keeping in mind, the level of knowledge, skills, responsibility and accountability required for the job. Remuneration is determined within appropriate ranges, considering the talents and expertise brought to the job. In exchange for a job well done, you are rewarded.

Last but not the least is that the most notable benefits of a career with the association are personal fulfillment. Community porogrammes are undertaken for education and awareness about oral hygiene, potential threats by use of tobacco products and advise on how to improve oral and overall health through good nutrition and stress management. This results in professional development as information is generated by dental research via Indian Dental Research Foundation (IDRF) and Oral Cancer Registry (OCR) initiatives of IDA. The association offers many opportunities for ongoing learning and professional growth through conferences, seminar and workshops.

  • Our Divisions
  • Health Initiatives
  • Administration
  • Tobacco Intervention Initiatives
  • Accounts
  • Child Dental Foundation
  • Membership
  • Oral Cancer Foundation
  • Publication
  • Emergency Dental Centre
  • Continuing Education Programmes
  • National Oral Cancer Registry
  • Public Division
  • Student Division
  • Annual Conference
  • Project Developments
  • Designer
  • Copywriter
  • Programmer
  • Data Entry
  • Non-clinical Postings
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