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Sample Associate Agreement

Write a business plan detailing start-up expenditures, prices and timeline toward profit. This involves the need to assess the following:

Personal needs

Decide where you want to open your clinic and the size of operation. Plan your clinic in a shopping mall, busy street or medical dental complex or a hospital for more footfalls and growth opportunities. Urban areas offers more opportunities to succeed than rural areas.

Analyze your finances

Dental practice needs investments for equipments, instruments and on the clinic. The location also depends upon how much you can invest. A clinic in a new building or complex would require lesser investments than in a ready to sell complex. Patients would not be easily available in a newly built housing society. But a populated complex offers opportunities for immediate income and growth. Also observe the demand for a dentist in an area. A dental clinic with a retired or aged dentist will need for a dentist in the long run.


The size of the clinic will depend on your financial strength and on the number of patients visiting the clinic. If more the patient number then you will need a bigger area for reception and treatment. The time for which the clinic will be used and the necessary staff. Also consider the type of treatments offered to patients.

Interior design

Again, this is linked to your financial strength. There is no limit towards making it more lavish and fancy. Hire an interior designer specialized in designing dental offices. The creative and experienced inputs will definitely enhance the utility of your clinic. Keep in mind that some vital points need more attention like ventilation, air quality, noise pollution, cabinet for dental equipment, etc.


For a dentist lighting is crucial for every aspect of treatment, from a mere dental check-up to complicated oral surgeries. The use of proper lights boosts the chances of successful treatments. Thus it is the foremost criteria to be fulfilled while designing a clinic.

Professional needs

A location which provides ample growth opportunities for you and your family, socially and economically lays the path for your success. You also need to check the license or permit available with you to practice in the area.


Check to see that there is adequate parking space in the vicinity of the clinic convenient for you and patients.

New dental practice

To set up a new clinic from start would require layout of the basic infrastructure. One needs to consider a few points before designing the clinic like:

  • Number of staff to be hired
  • The area of treatment room
  • Growth potential in the locality
  • Capacity for number of patients in the waiting area
  • Types of dental equipments used for various treatments


Hiring experienced staff is not a feasible option for those initiating independent practice. Thus hiring freshers and training them becomes a viable option. It is very economical and offers you an opportunity to evaluate the employee. The training should involve awareness on the practice needs and developing skills. During the training period you can also address your practice policies, and discuss various issues with respect to running the dental clinic. The time limit should be short. The pay would be lesser than what you decide on the full time salary.

Discuss with the employee on his/her strengths, weaknesses and overall performance. Leave room for dismissal after training in extreme cases.


Salary of an employee would depend on the kind of work, the economy in the region and last but not the least the quality of service you intend to offer to your patients. The higher the salary you provide the more competent workforce you will possess.

You will have to research on the salaries provided to their kith and kin in other dental institutions.


Reviewing each employee at regular intervals is necessary. Performance appraisals, incentives, benefits and salary rise. These factors contribute in building faith and goodwill amongst employees.

Increasing staff

You may start your practice with one or two employees. But as your practice flourishes you may require more assistants at your disposal. You may then divide the work amongst them. If you overload the existing employees or yourself with too many jobs, it will affect the productivity of your practice. This may lead to a decline in patients or employees.

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