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IDA Resource Centre

IDA provides resources to run the practice more efficiently and treat patients more effectively. We realize that patients are the hub around which any practice revolves. Therefore, we provide scientific information and educational resources to help you enhance your communications with patients so that you can build and strengthen lasting relationships. This section presents comprehensive information on dentistry and dental practice against the backdrop of latest trends and information on oral diseases.

IDA provides complete information about dental practice starting from new practice to issues related to staff, insurance, legal, infection control, emergencies in practice, buying dental products and dental therapeutics.

The Dental Practice support provides several tools and tips for an effective and efficient practice, this helps you serve your patients and community better. We thereby, ensure a positive practice environment – with the necessary tools and resources for a successful practice.

Promote Your Commitment to Your Patients’ Oral Health

Distinguish yourself as an IDA member with the IDA member logo, IDA member specialty logo, and IDA.org button for your practice’s communications and Web site. IDA Member Logo and IDA Member Specialty Logo highlight your IDA membership and specialty on all your practice’s print and electronic communications.

Dental Practice Advertising

Use IDA logo to gain fame, effective marketing of your clinic on your web sites, membership cards, letter heads and visiting cards. Now more than ever, we need to stand united and speak with a strong, clear voice. We can now easily promote our unity and commitment to our patients’ oral health with the IDA logo. This identifier can help us distinguish ourselves as IDA members – champions for the public’s oral health.

Practice Enhancement Tool

IDA has designed a number of visual and educational tools in the form of presentations, CDs, literature, brochure, leaflets resources to raise oral health awareness for patients and keep them coming to your practice.

Video library

IDA has established a collection of DVD's that are available to IDA members at subsidised charges. A variety of new dentistry techniques demonstrated during live presentations, at the annual conference and scientific session. These can be reviewed at your convenience.

IDA catalogue

IDA's catalogue helps to improve the efficiency of dental practice. We provide patient education in the form of leaflets, brochures and videos, details about the latest oral hygiene products, surgical accessories, equipments, personalized products, downloadable products like books and forms.

Patient education systems helps in educating patients and marketing the dental practices. This helps the dentist spend more time with patients in treatment and also see more patients at the same time. Your payback is not only more satisfied patients but a more efficient and effective practice.

Oral Health Products

Oral Health Products lists the products available in the market. Our list assists dentists to select innovative clinical products which will enhance the outcome of treatments. New products introduced in the market and comparison of oral health benefits after its uses are mentioned so that professionals and public can use them.

Our list of approved consumer products have either clinic or home applications with detailed description about its indications and contra- indications. These play an important role in the comfort of the patients as the information given helps the dentists provide the highest standard of dental care possible.

Dental Technology

IDA's Dental Practice Support presents comprehensive information guide about the latest products world- wide. Our list provides the latest high- tech dental products, equipments along with names and contact details of manufacturers which benefits by reducing procedure time and making your practice more efficient.

IDA helps the new practice with a comparative guide of dental products and product listings required along with their comparison which suggests what to buy and from where.

We also provide information about how to use materials and new techniques so that dental professional can choose the right technique for treating patients.

Dental Publications

This is a one-stop-shop for global and local publications, a resource directory presented in a crisp, easy-to-read style, perfect for the busy practitioners. We provide a list of publications acclaimed for scientific,research, clinical presentation and practical guide on clinical dentistry.

It also provides information about the publisher and their publications, new publication launches and reviews.

Drug Index

This is designed and compiled by IDA specifically for dental professionals seeking concise drug information. This resource includes dental-specific content on drugs, natural products and dietary supplements, their indications, contraindications, side effects, adverse reactions and special precautions. It also provides detailed information on manufacturers, drugs and other products.